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At dahil bigla kaming nagutom xD

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Malapit na nga talaga ang Frosh Elections. Kahit san ka tumingin may makikita kang nakasuot ng pula o dilaw. Haha. Pero ang tumatatak talaga sa isip ay yung nakaka-adik na intonation ng pagsalita ng mga candidates. Haha. By the way, the persons in the picture above are the candidates of the political party I joined. Haha. Wala lang. :)

Ang saya walang pasok bukas kaso nga lang tuesday meaning may make up class. And since walang pwedeng gawin sa dorm makikitulog ako sa friend ko XD Libreng lafang na rin hihi

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Ha! At dahil ang ganda ng boses ko, ako ang napili kumanta sa grupo namin para sa presentation sa Persef. I knew it from the start that singing really fits me. Nobody can argue that I have one heck of a voice and I do believe that I can sing better than Mariah Carey LOL XD

Marvel vs. DC

I’m making a compare and contrast essay on these two comic companies. Wala lang XD

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(c)Ate Mia Catapang

These were taken last July 18, 2014 during the 1st General Assembly of the Lasallian Scholars Society. 

At dahil malapit ng mag-Frosh Elections, kailangan kong suportahan ang candidates ng political org na sinalihan ko. Nakasched na ang kulay ng susuotin namin for 2 weeks lol XD 

Kung sa’min yan madidissolve na yang block niyo kasi ang konti XD

I’ve seen ahlizahdayanne's post  wherein it says that she already had 4,000 posts on Tumblr so I am aiming to have more posts. So here it is my 180th post haha :) Say Hooray!!!

coca-coolas  We’re 21 sa block actually it’s konti na compared to others but still I will be making super gastos. You’re conyo is good LOL XD

*LOL by the way I do not know how to reply to a reply so I just printscreened your reply then posted it as a photo XD

Can’t get over this. The feels. 

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(c) Marius Lee Rosopa

For the past 2 months of my stay in La Salle it has been our block’s tradition that whenever someone celebrates his/her birthday the whole block will be treated by the celebrant. It has come to my thoughts that I would be the next one who would be feeding my always-hungry-for-sosyal-food blockmates. Huhu. The time is near when I would get to sped a lot of money for the sake of making libre my blockmates. (Sh*t sorry for the conyo) Ha! Wish me luck guys :D

Haha it feels so good to be featured on a product’s page. 

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