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I knew that I belong to this house. WAHAHA xD

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and-tides-they-turn Asked:
huy bestfriend :"(

My answer:

Ano? Miss mo na ‘ko ng sobra? xD Punta ka na kasing Taft haha :D

After 1234567890 years, I was able to sleep for 8 hours! I repeat, 8 hours! Haha Thank you Lord :D

I applied for the Batch Government and luckily, I was accepted. Haha. I’m VC for Publications. 

And we had our first activity, the EXECOM+VC Meeting last week. The picture below is not mine. HAHA It’s Adrian Asoy’s haha xD

And just a while ago, we had our General Assembly which is a some kind of “Halloween” costume party. I went as Wednesday Addams. I actually do not know who she is, I just happen to stumble upon her while I was looking for easy costume ideas on the internet.

^She’s the real Wednesday haha and below is my own version of Wednesday haha XD

^I don’t have a solo pic though. (With me is my blockmate Candy, who is supposed to be a witch xD)

I was so happy that the people were not KJ. HAHA. The next picture is again not mine. It’s Nel Santos’

I grabbed the opportunity to know everyone. I even had pictures taken with almost everyone.

^I’m with Frances, the Legislativ Assembly Representative, as a bunny and Charlene as Tweedledum xD

^With the Batch President, Gerald. I don’t who he’s supposed to be though. xD

^With Joseph, the Vice President. He was wearing a mask, same with the one in Scream, at the start of the program.

^With my blockmates haha XD

^My committee 

^Luigi was also present but he was looking for his Mario, who was apparently missing in action.

^An Indian Cadet was also present at the party. Haha XD

All in all, the GA was a success. I had a lot of fun ‘coz there’s a lot of food. I was even able to bring home a box of pizza. Haha XD

I’m really looking forward to working with these people.

I miss tweeaked so much that the moment she suggested Skype, I contacted her. 

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It has been 1234567890 days since I’ve written something on his blog. LOL XD I have been very busy these past few weeks and there’s still tons of things to do. Actually I am very busy right now but then I just can’t stop the urge to write something in this blog. 

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I randomly sent my bestfriend a message teling her that I miss her, but out of nowhere, she sent me these random selfies of hers:


^ Haha, ang randoooom niyaaaaa at ang weirdo ;)

But I guess we’re both weird:


Haha, sorry for the low quality selfies; I used my laptop’s webcam, that’s why. Haha. Then I asked my bestfriend if she could take selfies with her roommates. Haha soooooo random! >:)


Yeah, both of us are weird in our own ways ;)

Gaaah, I miss you, Aiah :”“(

Friday youth service sa Lifebox 😃

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So many things to do, yet very little time. 😣 How am I supposed to do all these things in time? Nakakainis naman kasi pag ang tamad ko? Huhuhu

Yey! Improving na ‘ko, meron na ‘kong 200 posts haha

May ganito pala sa laptop. Nadiscover ko lang kanina. This is so amazing. Haha LOL

(c)April Velasco

Power Pose. This was taken last August 28, 2014 during the Star Scholars’ Recognition Program. Nag-assist lang naman kami but we got free tshirts and free food :)

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I was supposed to attend the Lasallian Scholarum. It’s an event where Lasalle gives certain awards to the media for their exemplary performance. ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 will be there; but when I asked permission from my parents, they said no. My initial reaction was “Ah okay”, but then I realized that it’s very unfortunate because I just lost an opportunity to be discovered. Leche, ang malas naman. Kawawa naman tuloy yung mga taong supposedly makikita ako sa event na ‘yon. ‘Di tuloy nila masisilayan ang kagandahan at kagalingan ko. Haay, buhay nga naman. Better luck next time. 

Assessment for Term2. Ang maaaaahaaaaal. :O


probs the perfect term to describe what i feel like rn bc huhuhuhuhu i drank too much last night :((((( but idfc as long as im happy hahahhahhajk

fckyeah H A P P Y  F R I D A Y :))

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